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I am a crazy, open and creative person always looking for the perfect picture. What drives me are shapes, colors, and the visual freedom that comes with photography.   Also the interaction with the model, the relaxed atmosphere when shooting. 


I am always drawn back to nature. Waterfalls fascinate me deeply with their power and beauty. They exude an incredible calm on a photo.


It all started more than 10 years ago with the purchase of my first DSLR and a friend with whom I used to go to clubs and bars to take pictures of Luxembourg’s nightlife in places like the "Rives de Clausen".


Because I was kissed by luck, I met my current partner shortly after. With her I founded the Facebook page "Y&L Photography" in 2014. She’s got an eye for great pics and motives, but I was more of a “technician”. She taught me how to catch beautiful elements in nature and how to take sensual portrait pictures. Unfortunately, she lost her passion for professional photography, but I’m still impressed by her spontaneous pics she posts on her Instagram account. 


At the wedding of my cousin in 2014, I made the acquaintance of an experienced wedding photographer. He showed me many little tricks that helped me to improve my skills. I learned a lot from this amazing friend, but I also wanted to be certified in photography. That’s why I decided to participate in a training. (For more information, please have a look below.)


All this has influenced my style, which you can find on my photos today, and which you can expect from me in a shooting.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me :) 

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