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Tomorrow at 14h when I picked up my T5 and loaded my stuff Starts my trip Towards the North of France. More precisely in the Normandy.

In this blog you will read the next few days more about where it takes me and what I could experience.

Here are a few infos how I want to get there;

Have rented a vw T5 from roadsurfer here some impressions of the van;

Image source : roadsurfer

On closer inspection, you probably noticed that something is missing :), unfortunately, the model with water was no longer available ie I have to get me water canisters and a. Possibility to find showers . that will still be a challenge :)

The first prepertation are already taken;

read more soon...

On Sunday afternoon we went to the north of Luxembourg, which is covered with snow at the moment. We gave ourselves a meeting point "Heiderscheider Kultgeshaff" and on the way there, the weather already looked promising; the snow glistened under the beautiful sunshine.

We were packed with camera, lenses and a drone, curious and motivated to find beautiful image motifs from the ground and from the air.

Arriving at the meeting point, we realised that we would not be alone today. But that was to be expected with this beautiful weather on a Sunday ;)

The first stage of the day took us down into the valley to the starting point of the famous hill climb of Eschdorf (Luxembourg). With its impressive curves and climbs, the section of the route winds its way up from the valley to the entrance of Eschdorf.

And so, we drove on to our second destination. On the way there, we looked for a nice place to launch the drone remotely and quietly, so that we wouldn't disturb anyone and the pictures would be as blank as possible.

Here is a picture that Oli took with the drone:

After our little stop, we drove on to Rambruch. There we discovered a row of free-standing trees standing in perfect light. So we parked our cars on a snow-covered dirt road to go on an expedition.

Here you can see what was captured. Thanks to Oli for the beautiful drone shots.

But enough of Oli's spectacular drone photos, now I'm afraid you'll have to settle with mine :P


After sunset, I spontaneously visited a friend in Esch-Sauer. Next time I'll tell you what came out of our constructive conversations. Stay tuned ;)

Thanks for reading


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